Eleven Ways Cleveland Clinic Cardiovascular Advisory Services Can Boost Your Program

1. Data Management

Your program runs on data. We can put muscle into your data management processes to help you identify relevant data, collect it, collate it and put it to use for cost savings, quality improvement, safety, compliance and appropriate-use review. We’ll show you how to build a quality dashboard to monitor progress toward your goals.

2. Personnel Management

Your program is only as good as its clinical staff. We can help you appoint team-building medical directors who will support your mission and work effectively with staff and administration. We can show you how to recruit, pay and manage the best physicians, technicians and caregivers — and how to make your center the best place for them to work and grow.

3. Operations Management

You want to operate your program in a way that provides maximum value to your patients while efficiently managing your resources and cost structure. Our team can assess operational efficiency and resource utilization across all your cardiovascular departments. We can help you create operational scorecards, engage physicians in operational improvements, review your supply chain spending, standardize purchasing and get the most value out of suppliers.

4. Patient Care

You need access to the most advanced, evidence-based patient care protocols. We will show you how to implement Cleveland Clinic patient care protocols and practice guidelines into your program.

5. Support Team

Your medical staff deserves to be supported by the most skilled and qualified support team. We can advise you on recruiting skilled and qualified surgical assistants, perfusionists and midlevel caregivers and how to bring them to Cleveland Clinic standards of excellence.

6. Technology

Your staff and patients expect the most advanced technology and treatments. Cleveland Clinic has access to many new devices and therapeutics — many of them developed by our staff. We can help you assess the value of new technology, manage the research and education associated with its implementation, and put it to work for your patients.

7. Business

You have a vested interest in the business success of your cardiovascular program. We can help you in payer negotiation, managed care contracting, cost recovery, optimizing documentation and coding, initiating and auditing charges, and evaluating staff physicians. We can guide you through a changing political landscape and assist with regional and national regulatory issues.

8. Education

Your staff needs to be up to date in the fast-moving cardiovascular specialties. Cleveland Clinic operates one of the world’s largest continuing medical education programs. We also offer one-to-one training or continuing education in new technologies, procedures and techniques. For your patients, we offer comprehensive branded patient education materials in multiple media.

9. Space Management

You need to get the maximum value from your real estate. Few centers can equal Cleveland Clinic’s experience in building leading-edge facilities and planning new operating rooms and procedure rooms. Our space-planning experts can help you organize your clinical areas for efficiency and ease of use.

10. Marketing

Your patients can’t take advantage of your services if they don’t know about them. Cleveland Clinic has one of the world’s most successful and innovative hospital-based marketing teams. We can help you develop a successful marketing plan, share our marketing collateral, support your marketing research and share our best practices in marketing, public relations and media relations on an ongoing basis.

11. Philanthropy

Your community and grateful patients want to help you achieve your goals. Cleveland Clinic philanthropic programs have raised more than $1 billion in recent years. We can provide expertise and guidance in your philanthropic enterprise to support your hospital’s mission.

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