Consulting engagements are at the forefront of our process.

Our goal is to help you produce the best outcome for every patient. Evaluation of quality and development of an infrastructure dedicated to improving quality are things we have done repeatedly. 

Upon completion of the engagement, Cleveland Clinic produces a recommendations report to be used as a roadmap for your cardiovascular program.

The goal of the engagement and recommendations report is to help improve your cardiovascular program into one that is data driven, transparent and rooted in best practices.  The report will include our findings and recommendations on how to develop a more robust and high quality cardiovascular program for your institution. If requested, Cleveland Clinic can assist with implementation of our recommendations as well.

Our engagements consist of multiple physician-led, multidisciplinary site visits that include the following services:

  • Adult cardiovascular medicine and cardiothoracic surgery program assessments and recommendations
  • Quality data review and benchmarking
  • On-site program review
  • Confidential interviews
  • Review of protocols and procedures
  • Input into medical direction / quality assurance
  • Resource management
  • Support staff education
  • Quality analysis
  • Program analysis
  • On-site program overview – operational assessment
  • Financial assessment

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