Liver and intestinal transplant: Improving outcomes and efficiency.

Your organization may be:

  • Ready to introduce liver and intestinal transplant into your service offerings.
  • Ready to take your liver or intestinal transplant programs to the next level of excellence.
  • Ready to address regulatory requirements, particularly CMS or SIA.

Cleveland Clinic can help you achieve your goals.

Cleveland Clinic’s top-ranked Digestive Disease & Surgery Institute delivers better outcomes at a lower cost, year after year. We are eager to work with other programs that share our interest in making liver and intestinal transplant more effective and less costly worldwide.

Improved operating techniques and postoperative management mean that more and more patients are becoming eligible for liver, intestinal and multivisceral transplant. These procedures call for a high degree of organization. As America’s highest volume intestinal and multivisceral transplant program, Cleveland Clinic has developed valuable, evidence-based methodologies to lower risk and improve efficiency before, during and well after organ transplantation.

We can assess your current program for operational efficiency, staffing, organizational structure and effectiveness. We can assess the feasibility of launching a new program.

Cleveland Clinic support also includes:

  • Training in surgical techniques
  • Peer-to-peer high-risk patient consultation
  • Second opinions
  • Real-time donor evaluations, case reviews
  • Implementation of clinical protocols
  • Forecast modeling and outcomes prediction
  • Quality and patient safety

Marketing support:

  • Market share evaluation and growth plan development
  • Relationship management — patient communication, referring physicians, internal relations

Regulatory support:

  • SIA independent peer review team
  • Medicare cost reporting
  • Financial performance
  • Organ acceptance vs. optimal utilization of services

Experience and Reputation Cleveland Clinic’s Digestive Disease & Surgery Institute

(DDSI) is ranked No.2 in America for gastroenterology & GI surgery (U.S. News & World Report).

With more than 2,200 liver transplants performed since 1984, it is the largest liver transplant program in Ohio and one of the largest in the United States. DDSI is one of very few centers offering living-donor transplant, split-liver transplant, and donation after cardiac death — in addition to traditional protocols to expand the donor pool. DDSI is among the world’s few centers that offer both intestinal and multivisceral transplantation, performing the highest volume in the United States.

For more information, please contact Sherelle Tucker at 216.445.3766.

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